Facility Services

Our Impulse Survey 9-time award winning facility and top-notch staff have all the bases covered, from recruiting and comfort, to the latest technology.

Project Management

From start to finish, you will have a dedicated project manager helping you along the way. With an eye for detail, our project managers make certain that your experience at our research facility will be flawless in every way.


With over 50 years of research experience behind them, our recruiters are experts of the Chicago market. Each project is meticulously handled to ensure every recruit is a successful recruit.


Digital Recording

We provide digital video and audio recordings for each of our clients. We can provide you with digital media in a number of formats including: MP4, MPEG, AVI, ASF, .MOV, XVID, MP3 and WAV. At your request, we can also quote and provide videographers for your digital recording needs.

Wireless Internet Connection

We are equipped with a high speed wi-fi connection.

Usability Labs We Offer


  • Two remotely controlled cameras that can be placed anywhere in a room
  • Direct inputs from a respondent’s PC at full VGA resolution
  • Digital switching equipment to provide picture-in-picture display 32”
  • LCD monitor in the client viewing room DVD recording of all sessions

MobiLaB PC

  • Full-time onsite technician for system set up and operation
  • PC in respondent room with redundant keyboard & mouse controls for easy moderator access
  • Morae screen capture software and a webcam camera to provide picture-in-picture display (PIP) and recording of respondent’s screen activity and facial reactions
  • Two 20” LCD monitors in the client viewing room to display the PIP
  • Real-time “video marking” of points of interest
  • DVD recording of all sessions in PIP format as Window Media files
  • DVD recording of all sessions in PIP format as Morae RDG files

Video Streaming

We offer live video streaming either through Focus Vision or Energy Annex Streaming. Contact your project manager for options and costs.

Transcription Services

The Energy Annex can provide you with transcription services to meet any deadline.

Translation Services

Simultaneous translation services are available upon request.


We all respond better in the right learning environment. To help consumers (as well as our clients) perform at their personal best, we’ve created an ideal environment for consumer interactions. Through the suffusion of natural light and our stimulating color palette, we have constructed a thoughtful design that is as efficient as it is inspiring.

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