Living Room 1

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Another of our client’s favorite rooms, this room is adjacent to the lobby area. Whether you’re conducting one-on-ones or full scale groups, this room is quite the cameleon. Perfect space for mini-groups. Can seat up to 9 respondents Corner nook to display product. Conference set-up available upon request to seat up to 8.

Living Room 2

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By far our most popular room, located at the back of the facility. Its expanse lends itself to large groups and studies with lots of product to display. Can seat up to 12 respondents. Plenty of open space to display product on tables. Conference set-up available upon request to seat up to 12.

Living Room 3

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Client’s have told us that this room feels very “European” and is great for small groups or one-on-ones. Great space for One-on-Ones or Mini-groups Can seat up to 6 respondents. Lots of wall space.

Living Room 4

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We converted our conference space into this living room with viewing in Spring 2013. With the popular demand being more focus group space, we developed this room to be somewhat similar to that of Living Room 1. Can seat up to 8 respondents. Great room for mini-groups. Conference set-up upon request to seat 6.